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So Many Bobs ...

When I was back in the States, and Canada, during the North American Xmaspalooza tour, I had several people say, “I read your blog every day. Sometimes I think you’re hysterical, sometimes touching, and other times I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.”

One of Larry’s uncles told me that. He also patted my stomach and said, "I see London's treating you well." The bastard ... you'd think he'd have been kinder at a funeral and all. (Hi Fred.)

Then a blood relative said pretty much the same thing a few days later. (Hi Dad.)

I ventured back to New York where I ran into one of my fashionable hipster friends, and she repeated the sentiment. (Hi Christine.)

Curious. I didn’t think I was all that obscure.

Anyway, I saw Todd Haynes' new film tonight and apparently I'm in good company.

I liked a good deal of I'm Not There. I thought some of the performances were stellar and found many of the images compelling (although just what was a giraffe doing in the Deadwood Billy the Kid segment?)

Apparently, I'm in the good company of many of my readers, as I walked out of the cinema scratching my head and asking, "Can someone please explain that to me?"

Unfortunately, my date for the night (being more of a Todd Haynes than Bob Dylan fan) could not. (Hi Anthony.)

So ... anyone got any insights?