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Attend the Tale of Duvet Bob

You know those really crappy, gray, rainy mornings when you walk into the office and commiserate with your colleagues, saying "this is the perfect day to be hiding under a duvet with a stack of books"?

Today was one of those days. I got up, made a cup of coffee, grabbed a few books, a journal, a couple of my favorite pens and walked back to the bedroom. I slid under the duvet, listened to the rain pelt against my window, filled my head with prose from Anne Tyler and Heather Sellers, did some scribbling in my notebook, and had a delicious mid-morning, rain-induced nap.

Too bad enrollment at school is down this week. I could very well have been teaching idioms and collocations. But no, I had a perfect day instead.

Tonight we saw Sweeney Todd. I think it's a fantastic production, and it was especially cool to see it in London and then walk out of the cinema and be on the bank of the Thames, only a couple centuries and a couple of kilometers from where it was set.