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Can You Hear That Whirring Noise?

Methinks it's the grindstone beckoning.

I'm heading back to Ye Ol' Language Academy in a bit. I haven't had to work since well before Christmas, going on six weeks now, I reckon. I wonder if I remember how to teach? This week's victim student is a French Mattel executive who works on Barbie.

I thought that I'd ease back into the real world thing, but it seems I was mistaken. Nothing like coming back to a full schedule.

Monday: teaching in the afternoon, a writing workshop, drinks with out-of-town friends

Tuesday: stand-by* in the morning, teaching in the afternoon, Life Clubs in the evening an then some big Radio party afterwards

Wednesday: am standby/pm teaching, kd lang at the Hammersmith Apollo

Thursday: am standby/pm teaching, reading at The Poetry Cafe for the Your Messages launch

Friday: am standby/pm teaching, book next flight back to Thailand after I've realized all this busy busy busy is too much.

I also have some flat hunting/viewings to do over the week (the one we pretty much decided on ended up not wanting to rent it unfurnished), a rough draft of story to write for next Monday's class, some grad school applications to begin, taxes to file, and a couple of Thai tales to write up and share with y'all.

When it rains, it pours.

* Stand-by is actually a pretty good gig. You show up, fill in for anybody who calls in indisposed or do some light admin work. I can live with that.