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It's a Launch!

Your Messages launched last night, and I was lucky enough to be one of the sixteen contributing readers.

I think it went well, and I was especially flattered when one of the other contributors congratulated me and said, "I wish I had a recording of your reading." Gosh, all those voice-over classes/auditions back in another life might have paid off.

It was wonderful to see Lynne Rees again, and so very good to finally meet Sarah Salway. As I've said before, they created Messages, which was the inspiration for my Tuesday 200s and they also organized the Your Messages project.

The other bonus was meeting so many of the people that collaborated on the project during the month of November. I'd exchanged emails with a few of them, and it's always exciting to put faces to cyber-personas and have an actual conversations. There's tons of great work in this little collection (and in the original book as well).

Bluechrome (yonder publisher) has decided to donate the entire book (not just the profits) to charity, so why not buy a copy? It's all for Kids Company, which is an excellent cause.

Here's what I read ...

(you can click here to see the prompt, as well as the other responses to the original Message)

This is how quickly your life can change Ö

It's not you, it's me. You got the part. Twins! There's been an accident. You're fired. I just don't think I love you anymore. Thereís been a complication. You may kiss the bride. Bingo! Your co-star is Val Kilmer. Itís too late for the epidural. Please hold for the President.

I'm pregnant. They were attempting to buy yellow cake. I lost the baby. Youíve got a letter from the IRS. Sorry son, youíll have to come with us. Weíve confirmed you on American, Flight 11 out of Boston. It was only a kiss. What do you mean heís allergic to nuts? And the Oscar goes to. We need to talk. Itís malignant. This is going to hurt me a lot more than you. Oh crap, the condom broke. We find the defendant ...

You've tested positive. Iím sorry, did I wake you? Flight attendants, prepare for emergency landing. And tonightís final Super Lotto number is. I want you to piss on me. Iceberg! Thereís going to be an audit. Fancy a threesome? Sheís out of remission. I think I like goats. Code blue. I found a lump. My boss needs a date. Donít move or Iíll kill you. You'd better sit down.

Good afternoon ma'am, are you the Lance Corporalís mother? There was an IED. I've met someone. "Baaaa" means no. You donít understand, Iím a white witch. Do you promise to not get mad? Theyíve taken my passport. I have a gun. Itís not your child. What do you mean you enlisted? I heard from the clinic today. Hold on, Mom, the policeman wants to talk to you. The rabbit died. The good news is Ö

Do you promise not to tell?

I am so very sorry, we did everything we could.