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Stupid F*cking Cancer

"I'm just so tired. And I keep on waking up."

That's what Grandma said a couple of days ago. She was weary and ready to go. And so she did, at home, surrounded by all her daughters, about 1:30 this morning.

Ninety-one years is quite a good ride, and everybody who knew Bunny will have their own memories and reasons to be thankful for having her in their life.

So I'll be extending my stay here in Cincinnati for a spell. Which, aside from being able to be here for my mom and sister, will give me lots more blogging fodder in the near future.

And oh my, there's a cornucopia of hilarity (well, except for the dying thing and all) around here lurking around every corner: five-pound pails of lard at Wal-Mart; breakfasts at Bob Evans with way-too-perky waitresses serving way-too-shiny gravy; my stepmom using her cat as a neckwarmer/ventriloquist dummy; the cavalcade of crazy otherwise known as my family (the next few days leading up to the funeral could very well be a series of novels in the making).

Oh, and a big shout out to all the new readers from Fuel My Blog. I suppose there have been more festive times to have been selected as Blog of the Day, but hey ... life's funny that way.

Rest In Peace
Bernice Augusta Reschke Dinse Lampila
January 25, 1917 - February 8, 2008