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Bits from Bob

  • Switching between CNN and Fox yesterday, I had the choice of watching Al Sharpton or Anne Coulter being interviewed. That is not much of a choice, my friends.

  • I'd never had the displeasure of watching Brenda Buttner before, but gosh ... she made Anne Coulter seem intelligent, well-spoken, and reasonable. That's quite an accomplishment.

  • The Democratic race is now officially going on too long. Fear mongering and name calling makes for good televison and gets the vote. Way to go Republicans Hillary!

  • Memo to HRC: Well done on a good job and all, but try not to confuse enthusiasm with gloating. It could be misconstrued as arrogance. And while you're bashing your opponent and his speechifying, you could learn a thing or two about being gracious (either in victory or defeat).

  • The good news is that Hillary is catching up to McCain in the polls. Last week she was a good five points behind. Today, she's only 0.2 points down on average, but still not close to leading all the polls. Obama's still consistently favored in an Obama/McCain contest by a good margin. Come on Democrats, get your act together.

  • Yeah, it's a wonderful town, but I think the answer to this song is very clear.

  • Larry's take on last night's results and his fear that the GOP might pull it out of their collective elephant behinds ... "looks like we won't be moving back anytime soon."

  • The Iraqis made my day this morning. Didn't hear one word about Mr. Bean, but one of them said, "We like studying with you because you make us forget about the troubles in Bagdhad." I can totally live with that.