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Sleep on it and Rotate

I woke up early this morning feeling a bit disoriented. At first I thought it was because of an odd dream I'd been having, the plot of which was fuzzy, but revolved around losing my place in a sketch comedy troupe I'd belonged to, wandering around Greenwich Park, talking to Eva Longoria who turned out to be Roy (aka Bianca Del Rio, a drag queen who used to work with my first boyfriend in New Orleans), and an old lover asking me if I could come back into my life.

It doesn't usually bother me when I dream about exes, but they've never been in the same storyline before. And I haven't seen an episode of Desperate Housewives in ages.

So there I was, half-awake, not knowing where I was but reasonably assured by the familiar site of an orange cat curled up on a pillow next to my head.

And yet something was still wrong.

That's when I realized I was laying sideways across the bed, my head facing east when the top of the bed faces north. In my sleep, I'd moved all the pillows (there are four) to the east side of the bed as well.

And now I can't stop thinking, "turn around ... "

I guess today's earworm is going to be Total Eclipse of the Heart.