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About that Control Thing

I've spent the last hour or so rebooting computers and my modem, unplugging and reconnecting cables, and getting more and more irritated that my wi-fi network wasn't working or, if it was, was as slow as fresh molasses on a freezing cold morning.

The knot in my stomach tightened as I thought about having to call BT and report a fault.

And now everything seems to be working again reasonably well. I'm certain that all my fiddling, or anything else I might have (or might not have done) had nothing to do with the outcome.

So why didn't I just walk away and let it work itself out like I was pretty sure it would have? There were books to read. There were gyms to go to and pools to swim in. There were journals to write in and Scrivener files called "journal" or "working drafts" that could have been opened. The computers were working, it was just the broadband that was wonky.

But there I was, stuck in a loop of Must.Have.Internet.Access.

And somehow I think that might be just a little wrong.

Sometimes I wonder what's more annoying ... the fact that things that don't work the way they're supposed to or the fact that I can't just ignore them and come back them another time.