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Here Come the Winners

I'm sure it was just me, but what with all that grunting and groaning and moaning and whimpering ... did anyone else wonder what young Rafa would sound like off the courts and in the sack?

Really? I was the only one?


Every morning on the way to school I pick up a copy of that bastion of journalistic integrity otherwise known as the Metro. I get it not so much for the news, but because there's usually an article or two that are written to a level that my students can read, comprehend and discuss. Today I was greeted with not one, but two images of what some might describe as the joy of a well-fought athletic victory. Others might just call it the countenance of climax.

I don't care so much for the race car guy, but a knees-up bicep boy? Well, gosh. Esta muy bueno, no?

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