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Always Look on the Bright Side of .... splat

After spending an hour and a half trapped in the lift (with no Diet Coke man to retrieve me) I got a call from Larry asking if I'd been freed yet, since he left his keys in the flat and was locked out. How lucky was he that I was rescued?

I met him at our local Italian place, which was mildly abuzz what with the dead person lying in the road a block away. Seems someone got hit by a taxi before either of us arrived. I've always said this was the most pedestrian unfriendly city I've ever lived in. And this was a fairly quiet street.

Anyway, we had some dinner and a bottle of wine. Heading back home, Larry walked up to one of the attending policemen (there were several hanging about, everything still cordoned off, corpse gone, a few pieces of cloth left on the street) and said, "Dead cat?"

The policeman nodded and said, "close."

So, yes, I guess there are a few worse things than being stuck in an elevator ...

  • One could be a policeman and have to put up with smart-ass comments from Canadians who have no respect for the squashed dead.

  • I could have gotten run over by a taxi (and then had someone make smart-ass comments about it).

  • I could be a certain taxi driver who had to go home tonight and answer the question, "Hi honey, how was your day?"

  • I could be the policeman who had to make the call to the unfortunate pedestrian's next of kin (actually, if that was my job, I'd totally have the taxi driver make the call).

  • I could have been stuck in the lift with someone else, or a group of people (not sure what would have been worse ... teachers or a bunch of students who barely spoke English and/or suffered from claustrophobia).

Here's a question for you: who (individual or group) would be your biggest nightmare to be stuck in an elevator with?