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Tuesday 200 ó #87

He said he couldnít forgive me. Like I did anything wrong. You should have seen him Ö pushing me, right in the middle of XXL. I didnít do anything and he was totally pushing me, trying to get me kicked out of the club, telling everybody I was a weirdo. You know me, Iím no weirdo. Iím a normal guy. A weirdo? What the fuck? Heís so high school. Iím 36, I donít need this. But what if his friends think Iím a weirdo? No, I am over him. I built a bridge and crossed it like sixteen times, thatís how over him I am. I just want to be civil. You shouldíve seen him. Turning away when he sees me and then screaming Iím following him and I was like, fuck off, weíre in the same club, weíre going to see each other. Just be friendly. Iím not a weirdo. Whyís he say that? You should've been there. You were? Really? We talked? Last night? Youíre kidding. Alright, well Iím calling XXL to see if I was barred. Hey, will you talk to him for me? I am over him. Just tell him Iím not a weirdo. Ok, thanks. Bye.

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