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Political Dynasty

We were sitting in one of the sidewalk pubs yesterday afternoon, having a post-beach beer or four and watching the parade pass by. The guys next to us were J & H, a very nice couple from Amsterdam.

We started talking about stuff, as you do, and the election came up. They're very interested in politics. In fact, they're heading to D.C. for a week at the end of October with 125 Dutch people for a week-long conference on the American election process.

J asked if Barrack had picked a running mate and I told him it was Biden.

"Oh, I'm disappointed by that," he said. "I was really hoping he'd pick Bayh."

Larry piped in and said he couldn't agree more.

"At least he didn't pick Hillary," H said.

His partner agreed. "She got to be a bit much, didn't she? I liked her at first ..."

"We all did," I said.

"But then she just got bitchier and bitchier. If Obama picked her, he might have well have chosen Joan Collins."

That made me laugh, but I reminded him that she's not American so she couldn't get the job.

"Ah, but wasn't Alexis Carrington American?"

I think he's on to something.