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Composicus Interruptus

Well I've been working on a Tuesday 200 for the last few hours and it's now about 600 words long and I think it's only about half-way finished. So I guess the good news is it's turning into a wee story and the bad news is ... well, I'm wicked tired and I've not been waking up too easily of late. So I'm gonna turn of the writing machine and try to get a good night's sleep. One does want to be fresh for one's students.

Maybe I'll finish this half-baked tale of a comic misadventure of wrong turns another day. And maybe I'll write a different 200 for next week.

Or maybe not.

Welcome to my birthweek ... where we love to keep you guessing.

Oh, five down, two to go on the reading list and I'm now inching my way into Sarah Water's The Night Watch. I really enjoyed Fingersmith, so we'll see how we fare with this one.

The MA starts two weeks from tonight. I'm excited and little petrified. Got an email the other day saying there is going to be a new director of the program, so I'll be spending the next two years writing a novel under the guidance of someone I've not yet met.

And that makes the adventure all the more, um, adventurous.