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Who Knew?

There's a story (which may be a myth) I heard once that I was a thalidomide baby, and that there'd been an x-ray that showed I didn't have any arms. Very worrisome to a set of young parents, I'm sure. But then, 16,802 days ago today, I popped out, fully formed, and I reckon I haven't caused said parents any worry since.

And the surprises have just kept on coming.

Eleven cities (two of which have been hurricaned this month), seven states, two countries and dozens of mailing addresses later (and those are just places I've lived, not visited), all I can say is witness relocation has been very good to this here birthday boy.

So go on and have yourself a drink with me as I embark on a new year where I add grad student to a list of labels that include waiter, graphic artist, editor, freelance PR hack, bartender, marketing communications manager, security guard, life coach, brand manager, actor, teacher and writer.

Here's to life along the scenic route.