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Trickle Where?

300px-Mad30.jpgIn today's English class, we studied idioms for "sorry dude, you're fucked."

I haven't worked in the finance sector for a while now, but several people rather close to me do. In fact, there's someone who has a Work Permit upon which my Limited Leave to Remain visa is registered as dependent.

You might say I'm sector adjacent.

With that in mind, I've been a little anxious about last night's/today's news of buyouts and takeovers and whatnot. I even stayed up late watching Bloomberg. Imagine. Of course, the stoic Canadian is taking it all in stride ... like a house of cards during a windstorm protected by a sturdily-built brick fašade of compartmentalized emotions.

Actually, he seemed more nervous over the past week or so, before this was announced. He pretty much sussed that Lehman was toast, and has been saying for weeks that the fire he jumped out of the Citi-fryer into was next in line.

And as it pains me to say it, he was right.

But never fear, another soon-to-be bohemother behemoth has galloped up upon its white horse. The bull is not dead yet.

Anyway, there were a couple of good meetings today and it seems the division my matador runs should be pretty safe. At least that's what he's saying they're saying. He doesn't like me to worry ... because that of course makes him worry more.

So I'm all Alfred E. Neuman, keeping the circle of concern inside the circle of control. And it looks like I'll get at least one term of the MA done before we get booted out of the country. Nah, we're not going anywhere. This week.

Everything works out in the end.

Tell that to the Lehman kids, who walked in today and were told, "pack up your desks, thanks for playing, we're all done now." No severance. No retirement. No collecting of deferred compensation. Maybe no paychecks on Friday. My heart goes out to them. Gosh, I hope they followed their own advice and diversified.

The last thing they need to hear is that it all works out for the best, but hopefully they'll figure that out later. Probably a good deal later.

But it's okay my little Lehman buddies, 'cause McCain seems to think "the fundamentals of our economy are strong."


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