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We were doing telephone role plays today in my Business English class. Student B (flirty male) had to take a phone message from Student A (attractive female).

B: Hello, this is B, how can I help?
A: Yes, I'd like to rent a flat in London for the next two weeks.
B: You're welcome to stay at my house.

Teacher: Um, this is Business English, let's try to keep it professional.

B. I'm sorry, our agent is out of the office, can I take your name and number?
A. Yes, it's Alicia.
B. Can you spell that please?
A. Yes, that's A ...
B. Is that "A" as in alone?

Tomorrow I guess we'll study the vocabulary of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Either that, or we'll go back to basics ...

Almost makes you believe in teaching elementary education, eh?