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There Was a Farmer Had a Dog

I turned in my little Bingo scene this afternoon. Had some fun with it and kept it short and sweet — the buzz from the tutor lately is 'less is more' and 'make the reader work a little'. Which leads to the question ... how much do you like to work while you're reading and how much do you like the author to spell things out for you? I imagine it's all subjective.

The places outside my coursemates' comfort zones have been all over the board: a guitar shop, a couple of bookies (as in OTBs, for all y'all New Yorkers), a spiritualist's (I'd love to go visit that one), a church where the preacher drinks a bit (which sounds vaguely familiar, but I was raised Lutheran), a murder trial (with the accused making an appearance via video link from his padded cell), a surreal council meeting, a footie match, and a the floor of a brokerage where the hero is more interested in buying hookers than stocks (clearly that author never worked in the City). It's all been great fun to read.

Oh, and there was another bingo hall scene. So much for me being original.

That said, we clearly went to separate venues and came away with two radically different scenarios, which is what I reckon one would hope for. Interestingly, we both characterized the caller has having a singsong voice. I wonder if we'll get points for nailing the description or dinged for using a cliché?

So far (three assignments down) I've avoided the dreaded circle-C* ... maybe this is the week.

* Circle-C = cliché; Circle-DB = do better (haven't gotten that yet, either)