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Piercing Comedy (see what I did there?)

Several years ago, my sister called me up and said, "David Hyde Pierce just won his Emmy."

As it wasn't even close to Emmy season at the time, I figured that she'd been watching Frasier and had just seen a particularly good episode. I was correct. Something to do with Niles ironing, cutting his finger, trying not to feint at the sight of his own blood, etc.

Years later, I'd never seen it.

During yesterday's Saturday of sloth, I napped on the sofa, chair and bed ... drifting in and out of a Frasier marathon (on two separate TVs -- I'm an overachiever when it comes to some of the deadly sins). There were many laughs, especially during the episodes written by Joe Keenan. But still, no DHP pressing his pants.

So I did some research, and here it is ... six minutes of television comedy gold from the sixth season of Frasier.