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Suggestions, please

I am having the very odd productive afternoon. Mine is not to question, merely to observe.

It could be just procrastinating on a story I have to write (well, re-write ... well, no actually the re-write is so substantial that I'll stick with my original choice, I need to write it), but I've gotten a good jump on this week's online IBET course (oh yes, I'm taking a work-sponsored 10-week online course along with this term's MA module, along with the work thing, along with trying to get back in shape at the gym, along with fighting a relapse of that cold/man-flu/URI/TB scare I had over the holidays).

Anyway, I've been tidying up in preparation for this evening's writing and reading (90 pages of fiction a day from now until 02/02 then it's back to about a novel a week) and and came across an unused 2008-2009 Moleskin Pocket Weekly Notebook (which I'm not sure when, where, or why I bought).

Surely that must be useful for something clever, creative and ... wait for it ... noteworthy.