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And You Thought Your Job was Meaningless

I was standing at a bus stop in Islington around 11pm last night. It was pouring rain. I'd been waiting about fifteen minutes for a bus that had been 'due' for the past ten when a little silver car pulled up along side me, facing the wrong direction, and parked next to the pavement.

The sign on the door said something about transit services. I reckoned he was there to fix the LED next-bus-arriving sign that clearly was malfuctioning.


He took a small rectangular basin (the kind you'd place in your sink) from the car, filled it with soap and water (he'd brought his own water, not that there wasn't enough streaming down the gutters), and proceeded to wash the glass of the bus stop in the pouring rain. He'd soap it up, rinse it off, then squeegee it dry.

And the downpour continued.

Undaunted, he moved to the next panel of glass. He was still working when the 205 arrrived another ten mintues later.