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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Odd how one finds random connections; strings that connect one thing to the next.

I finished Celestial Navigation last night. Vintage Anne Tyler full of wondeful characters and nary a happy ending in sight.

Much of the second-to-last scene (actually the last scene, as the final short chapter is pretty much an epilogue) takes place in a rowboat.

Started Sue Miller's While I Was Gone (which has been on my to read pile for almost a year now) this morning, and, oddly enough, the first scene takes place in a rowboat.

An odd enough coincidence in itself, but the scene I've been working on is a confrontation between a woman and her mother and takes place in a room overlooking a bay, and the daughter keeps wishing she was in the kayaks she sees out the window, paddling away from the her mother's clutter and coveting the freedom of being alone on the water.

Funny thing is, I started writing that scene before the rowboat scenes drifted into my world.

Everything is connected. Or is it?