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Apparently my site was hacked and Google had put it on a watch list.

I was on a watch list! Cool.

All systems apparently go again. I'm thinking of migrating this to WordPress (as I can't imagine doing a Movable Type install, I'm about 800 versions behind), but that will have to wait as I'm off to Punta Cana (para practicar mi español a wedding) / New York (a quick visit and a big laugh and a song or two) / Ptown (just because) on Sunday.

Who knows, now that that I'm de-hacked, maybe I'll even start blogging again.

Or not.

(oh, and for the time being, I've removed the comments setting — you probably know how to find me if you're a real person — as the spam traffic was unbelievable ... see below: 3k + comments on the last post). Yikes. Time to switch to WordPress I reckon.