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Magic To Do

I sat around someone's dining room table this evening and watched magic happen.

Six people, eating (delicious, homemade) cake and drinking tea, making up stories out of pretty much thin air. Yes, there were prompts. Yes, there was discussion. Oh, and did I mention cake? But in a very short three hours (time flies) I witnessed half a dozen people create the foundations of six very credible stories (some could be short, some could be novels, some could be films), creating amazingly interesting characters in compelling situations which didn't exist when we sat down at the table.

And the most magical thing? After two days of a crap mood and another sign from the universe that it's probably time to make a work change, all I want to do is sit here and write (alas I have other work to do). Maybe it was the cake. Maybe it was the company. Maybe it was sharing more than a few laughs and watching, nay being a part of, creativity spawn creativity for the sake of nothing except making something new.