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Don't Get Pissed, Make a List

I'm at home again this morning, wating for the phone company to come back and finish what they started on Monday. I can work remotely, but I'm all caught up on the email and phone-related things, so now there's nothing to do but wait till I can get back in the office.

Packed as much as I could for the 2-week trip.

The phone guy's supposed to be here between 8 and noon. 20 minutes to go. So now there's nothing much to do except follow Jeff's lead and write a dang list.

10 bands singers you've been listening to a lot lately
1. Liz Phair
2. Gloria Gaynor
3. Matchbox 20
4. Busted
5. Mary Chapin Carpenter
6. Alison Moyet
7. Old Cher (redundant, I know Ö I mean her old music)
8. Annie Lennox
9. Sarah Brightman (Dive)
10. Train

9 things you look forward to
1. Ptown
2. Scuba diving
3. Learning to spend less than I earn
4. Christmas
5. Christmas tourists leaving Manhattan
6. Being at a beach
7. Reading
8. Down time
9. Having all the balls in play, each of them in somebody elseís court (a ghastly sports/business metaphor; my apologies)

8 things you like to wear
1. Jeans
2. Jocks
3. Shorts
4. T-shirts
5. My prescription sunglasses
6. My orange Steve Madden sneakers
7. Tivas
8. Zilch

7 things that annoy you

1. Drivers who honk their horns halfway down the block as soon as the light changes
2. Loud people in public (on subways, in restaurants, etc)
3. Ringing cell phones Ė put the damn thing on vibrate
4. People on airplanes who chatter incessantly on their cell phone
5. People on airplanes who chatter incessantly
6. People who are late
7. Stupidity

6 things you say most days
1. Fuck.
2. This is Bob
3. Iím tired
4. Larry, youíre watching Lifetime?
5. Iíll find out and get back to you
6. Cab, stop it!

5 things you do everyday
1. Consume caffeine
2. Talk to Larry
3. Go for a walk
4. Write
5. Dirgha Pranayama

4 people you'd like to spend more time with
1. Karen and her family.
2. Grandma Bunny
3. Viola
4. Zeb Atlas

3 movies you could watch over and over again
1. All About Eve
2. Auntie Mame
3. The Ref

2 of your favorite songs at the moment
1. "Extraordinary," by Liz Phair
2. "I Never Knew," by Gloria Gaynor

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
That's easy. Him.