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My, What a Big Clock

I'm probably a little jet lagged, and I've had a few pints, but today's work adventure was a big success and hopefully is a telling precursor to tomorrow's brand kick-off meeting.

I'm staying just a couple blocks away from some of the world's most famous landmarks. I think I could live in this city, but they'd have to pay me a Queen's ransom. Then again, her house is only a few blocks away ... if only there weren't those cute men in red coats and tall silly hats standing in the way.

As exciting as it all it, I pretty much hate this hotel and I miss Larry and the cats.

However, I did find some unexpected family to hang with on the weeend ... a mutually beneficial friendship which could enlighten me on life in London and help him understand our good ol' boy, capitalist American ways. Sounds more sordid than it is, but it's intriguing nonetheless.

Quelle monde.