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Back in the U.S.A.

And by U.S.A., I refer to the Urban Sprawl of Atlanta.

The trip to London was a big success. Had some great meetings, made some new contacts in the firm and got in some fun playtime as well.

Hightlights include: pints with Tracey and Di at the after-work pub, Camp Attack at G.A.Y., a local lunch with Brazilian flair, a walk through and dinner in Chelsea, the Queen's Head, and, for a mere 10 pounds, one of the best dance nights I've ever spent with my inner 14-year old girl (who shall be named Cammie) when I returned to G.A.Y and saw a live performance of Westlife. I heart Kian. Is it so wrong that he was born the same year I graduated high school? And how adorable was the boy on the dance platform who knew all the lyrics and choreography to every bubble-gum anthem that blared through the club? I just had to tip him a Carling. Or three. It's just so much easier to express one's appreciation by handing somebody a cold beer and walking away than actually trying to get him to stop having fun and say, "Gee, you're cute, I'm leaving your country in 6 hours and just wanted to say hi."

Oh yeah, and I *yawn* saw that yob David Blayne hanging over the Thames.

So now it's a week here in the Streets of Peaches for a big marketing meeting and some follow-up brand stuff from last week's kick-off. Too many breakfast meetings have already been planned. 7 a.m. -- what's up with that? Those kookie corportate event planning girls are making us square dance tomorrow night. Oy.

Who wants to meet me at Halo on Thursday? Maybe you or you or you? Never been and I'll need to break away from the pod people my work friends by then.