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Plane Tired

Greetings from Delta's Business Elite lounge at JFK, or Just Fucking Killme, as I've rechristened it after having to trek out out here twice in the past 3 days.

Was going to do a little blog browsing to pass some time, but the first one I went to wasn't really what I had in mind. Uhm, thanks Beau for the uplifting pre-flight post.

Then I jumped over to Jodi, and, well, what what the pliznick? Damn, I left my secret decoder ring at home (along with my iPod ... grrrr ... on which I'd just downloaded the new Bette does Rosemary as well as Rickie Lee's most recent release).

So, yup, it's another business trip. I might soon be giving him a run for his miles. Also on the road this week is this month's Canadian birthday boy (the one I live with, not you dear Soc ... happy early bday anyway -- see you Tuesday?).

Got a call from him this afternoon from Orlando, where he's at a corporate aircraft show. He'd just toured a jet that had a full living room, two washrooms (each with lovely shower) and a bedroom with a queen-sized bed. That's a mobile home that I'd be happy to travel across the ocean in.

Good evening, sir and welcome aboard. Here's your chamomile tea and an Ambien. Your bed's been turned down and we'll wake you for your shower an hour before we land. Would you like Sven or Estefan to wash your back in the morning?

Um, both please. Thank you very much.

Next post from Brussels. Have a good night.