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Ton of Tongues

Bonjour, Goede Morgen, Buongiorno, Guten Morgen and a fine howdy do.

Yesterday was, although un peu exhausting, a very productive day here in Brussels. A very good multi-national workshop and some possibly encouraging news on the career front; there's still no commitment from le grand fromage (yes, the Belgian waffles), but I'm officially still in the running for this job that I want.

The high point of the day, however, was the night. I took a long, wandering walk through the city, drinking up the cocktail of new and old ... the architecture, sights and people. Fountains, sculptures, cathedrals, shops, cobblestone streets ... it's all very beautiful.

Found myself in the middle of the Grand-Place, which really is one of the most beautiful town squares I've ever seen. There was a big stage set up last night, with a horizontal row of 3 movie screens placed above it. The music was very techno-electronic, a post-modern Kraftwerk, if you will, with projected video images to match. All this surrounded by four walls of old-world, impossibly ornate towers and spires. Very surreal. I stood there in the brisk autumn night air, drinking a beer and just taking it all in when I noticed the full moon started to rise just between two of the spires.

It was a breezy night, with a low layer of clouds zipping by, backlit by the brightest moon I've seen in months, just hanging over these ancient spires. Whenever I see a big moon like that, behind fast moving clouds, I call it a vampire moon. I'm certain Lestat was lurking in the Grote Markt with me last night.

Have a good weekend. I'll be whooping it up in Cabbagetown, eh.