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It's Only For Now

When walking to work this morning (actually, to the subway that took me to work), I had this flash of a thought.

I'm out of balance.

I'm too hung up on the work thing. What happened to yoga? What happened to running? What happened to just taking it all in stride -- that feeling I had not so very long ago that all was good and things just didn't bother me anymore? I'm too tired lately and way too stressed. Enough already.

Balance. Yeah, maybe that's the key. But what do I let go of to focus on something else?

I really meant to get to the gym today, but it didn't happen. Energy's sometimes like money ... you need to spend some to get more. Some healthy exercise is just what I need to catch an endolphin or two to swim around in my sluggish bloodstream.

So I didn't make it to the gym. I did, however, take a walk at lunchtime and made it to the bookstore. When in doubt, add to the pile of reading that you haven't gotten around to. Picked up the first novel by an author I'd read about in Toronto last weekend. Also saw this book that I recalled reading about on of y'all's blogs.

A Fable About Following Your Dream

Um, and just what is that dream, anyway?

Maybe it's time to get the spritual groove back on ... figure out what my purpose is for the rest of 2003 and make some "balanced" goals for 2004.

Or maybe I'll just watch the rest of the Cubs game (how much fun would it be to live back in Wrigleyville right now?!?), get some sleep and get up for a 6:15 a.m. conference call.