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But Where Was Anne Murray?

Toronto turned into another Berkeley Bacchanal and fun was had by all. Larry's birthday bash has just begun, and I'm already exhausted. Too much play makes Bobby a dull-witted boy. It's like I'm cracked out on tryptophan, and yet I've had not one bite of (Canadian) Thanksgiving turkey. Odd that.

Didn't make it to Lotus last night, but Wetbar was fun on Friday and I did see the what could possibly be North America's most tired drag queens at Woody's and Crews.

Now that Lady Bunny's over the pots and pans, she should pop up to Church Street and talk to faux Cher about her pot belly. So. Not. Pretty.

Oh I get it, it's what she'd look like if they put the ribs back in her.

A busy week ahead back here in the homeland. Way too much to do ... but it should keep me out of trouble. That's the theory anyway.