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Jacked Off

I had the TiVo phone line plugged into the wall jack last night so I could make my weekly "daily" call.

For those of you who don't use TiVo, you're supposed to make daily calls into the service to download the appropriate programming information. My phone jack and television are on opposite sides of the living room, so rather than leave an unsightly (and apparently dangerous) extra cord lying about on the floor, I just plug it in every few days and manually make the call.

So anyway, as I'm flitting about the apartment, sad that Franklin was straight, glad that James chose a gay guy and ecstatic that the ridiculous Boy Meets Boy is over, I accidentally tripped over the phone line and pulled it out of the wall.

No problem, I'll just reconnect the wires. I find a screwdriver without much drama (a place for everything and everything in its place) and take off the cover. Red goes to red, green goes to green. No dial tone.

I attach all four wires, matching red, green, yellow and black. No dial tone.

I take an old jack out of the middle room; the one I used to use for the modem line that's now disconnected because of the cable modem. Reconnect everything. No dial tone.

So I guess I've got a project when I come home from work. Maybe it was never done right the first time and the red and green wires aren't properly connected at the box coming into to the apartment.

Maybe I just enjoyed not hearing any phones ring while I was at the guest house over the weekend and I subconsciously decided to screw up the land line.

Maybe I'm just a clutz.