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'Tho We Gotta Say Goodbye for the Summer

We started the season in Ptown back over Memorial Day, and sang goodbye to it yesterday afternoon at the Boatslip’s Tea Dance. A maryalice-mixed Miss Summer belted out the Last Dance of summer, much to the delight of hundred of dancing boys and girls; while striking a bittersweet chord with one sad camper who burst out in tears, finding solace on his friend’s shoulder.

It was weird not to stay at our place, but Land’s End Inn is a charming place to get away. No TVs or private roof decks to hang on, but very comfortable accommodations nestled atop a hill on the west end of town, overlooking the breakwater and the bay. Peace and quiet and lots of fresh air.

Saw a bunch of friends, caught a few wiggles, ate some nice meals and pretty much laid low the whole weekend. Lines for clubs were way too long, so we eschewed them, hanging out on the periphery of the scene instead. If we saw Carson once, we saw him a million times. One thing I enjoy about New York is people tend to ignore celebutantes (even the minor ones) and let them wander about without incessant whispers of “there’s the Queer Eye guy” or shouting “Carson, we LOVE you!” Seems those carousing on Commercial Street didn’t get that memo. Also seems that the fashion fifth of the Fab Five didn’t have a mirror in his guest house, ‘cause he was never wearing anything that would pass muster on the show … where does one get a black t-shirt with a giant sequined “C” on it? I suppose even couture can take a holiday.

Overheard him say they've booked 40 more episodes. I really like the show, but can it stay fresh for another year?

Got in a good day at the beach with Connie, Edie et al. Walked the deceivingly long breakwater for the first time, knocked a bestseller of my to-read list and found the cutest café out on a Wellfleet creek. Didn’t get to visit with John and Louis’ posses as much as I’d hoped, but it looked like a good time was had by all. How could one not? That little Portuguese fishing village really is one of the most magical places I'm lucky enough to know.

As much as I missed our place, it was beautiful to get a new perspective. I’m relaxed, refreshed and getting into the “back to school” groove. I’m even looking forward to going to work tomorrow. What’s up with that?

Maybe it’s the fact I know that in ten short days, we’ll be back at Cape Fear for a condo meeting and a wee birthday party for little ol’ me. Yay.