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Just Say "Leave Me Alone, MoFo"

Just finished my online Diversity/Anti-Harassment training for work. Aside from learning many important managerial duhs lessons (CYA, listen to and document complaints, don't promise confidentiality, coming on to people at work parties is a bad thing), my biggest takeaway was that "Jessica" is an idiot and should never have been hired in the first place.

And the bad guy’s name was Bob. Hey! What’s that about?

I couldn’t separate work from Bob. He had overshadowed and poisoned everything.

Oh, I do feel empowered though -- as a manager, I’m the leader of a team like Jessica’s, and that puts harassment prevention right in my hands.

So go on, harass me. I double dog dare you.

I think she should have cast an evil voodoo curse on him. That would’ve fixed his no goodnik ways but good. But doesn’t one need ear wax for a proper hex? No worries, Jodi’s found the perfect solution. Pretty.