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Patience is a Virtue Tattoo

It is such a beautiful day, again.

Took B. to the LES, where Larry suggested we all meet at Leshkos for brunch. Silly us, we forgot that Leshkos closed down awhile ago. Undaunted we watched some shirtless boys play chess in Tompkins Square Park, as the Howl revelers were gearing up for another day of festivities. Then meandered over to Virage, which has not shut down, for a delightful al fresco meal.

A quick cab ride to the West Village and B. popped into Lilac Chocolates, where he bought tasty souvenirs for friends back in the Queen City. Then we headed back north towards home base.

I walked over to Rising Dragon and got the tattoo I've been talking about for a couple years -- the symbol for patience is now inked onto my right shoulder. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment, yet planning on doing it for years events. So now Rodrigo's marked me for life, with a symbol of something I've been working very hard to cultivate over the past decade.

It was way less painful than I'd imagined. I'll have to rush out and get another. Oh, that wouldn't be very patient, would it?


Quick recap of yesterday. Found all the perfect presents I needed. Delphinium Home could be my new favorite store (next to Utilities, d'accord) ... and Bernie's my new favorite shop girl. I think I need those long-stemmed martini glasses in a vase (hint hint to any birthday shoppers out there).

Miss Redgrave was the most spellbindingly scary dope fiend this side of Betty Ford. What an amazing performance. Twisted passive aggression, thy name was Mary Tyrone last night.