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Boy Irritates Boy

I don't know which is the most annoying:

a) How ridiculously painful Boy Meets Boy is.
b) The fact that I'm still watching it, and will watch again next week.
c) Kyan saying "I gotta tell you something, there's a lot of power in a pedicure and a spray-on tan." Oh girl.

Queer Eye: So what was the deal with Super Cop being all homophobic in front of the guys and then a big ol' goofy girl in front of his bodacious girlfriend?

BMB: Didn't Bravo tell us at the beginning that 5 of the 15 guys were straight? Seems to me they've identified six so far, and are now saying there's one more? Not only did they lie to James, but they've lied to us as well. An outrage. Doesn't Dubya have anything better to do than be strategic advisor to Queer TV?

BB4: Too bad Justin didn't get the veto. It would have been a much better show next week. I hope it doesn't become as boring as London's season ending ... it was on when I was there last month and Oh. My. God. what a yawnfest.

"Hello, 311? Yes, hi. Can you tell me where my life went?"

And on a non-TV note, Haven Kimmel's memoir has been putting a grin on my face every day for the past week or so. I'm keeping it down just just a few pages a day, 'cause I'm not wanting it to end.