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Answers and Questions

Lots of information being bandied about at work today. For the first time in years, we've got official word on staffing changes before the rumor mill went into overtime. There's a new CEO for North America. My "transitional" boss is being transitioned right out of the company, so it looks like I've got a new boss (my third in as many months). One of the steering commitees I sit on has been "realigned" to included business heads instead of the likes of me (which is kind of a blessing).

And to think, I was this close to being gone just a couple months ago. See all the fun I'd have missed?

Of course, all these changes only invite more questions, some of which may be answered next Thursday in a meeting that's already been with the new, new boss (TNNB) on his trip to New York next week. Less than an hour after the big conference call with the Grand Pooh-Bah of the firm, TNNB had left me a voicemail saying he wanted to make sure I was in the loop on everything and he'd be seeking me out to get my input on the his newly expanded team.

"Wow, you must be pretty high on his list if he called you that quickly," said one of my colleagues in a different department.

"Either that or first on his list of people to get rid of."

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Either way, I think I need another drink.


Speaking of questions, Scott has answered mine quicker than you can say "Corporate Restructure." If only all my questions were addressed so promptly and efficiently. Go on, ask him something yourself.

I asked him about Ruth Dix ... who I'm glad to hear is alive and well. She was one of the first drag queens I saw on any kind of regular basis, back in Cincinnati during my early 20's, which is not to be confused with the early 20s (you bitches). She was not one of those glamour drag queens (not that I don't love high-kickin' lyp synching), but was sick and twisted and made me laugh till I cried. Kind of like when Pissonya Peoples used to make me howl at The Dock.

She preferred shots with her tips, and if she didn't like the particular flavor of Schapps that you handed her, you'd more than likely end up wearing it. She used to perform at some bar in Clifton (name escapes me) that was a sister (so to speak) club to an Indianapolis. Hence the reference to our favorite blogging Hoosier. Because I knew you were interested.