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We've Got the Power

Since CB had stiill had water yesterday afternoon, we popped over to his house for what could have been the most refreshing shower I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. We were squeaky clean and ready to hit the streets again, armed with the knowledge that save for Kip's Bay and Chelsea, the city had power again. Who lives in Kip's Bay? And what did Con Ed have against the fags? Did they think we were all on Fire Island and didn't need power? Another right-wing conspiracy to be sure.

Headed up to midtown to Therapy, where CB had never been. Were there only a short time when we ran into L. and his boyfriend P. L. was hosting a big dinner party at the table downstairs (who were all those univited guests?) and good times were had by all. Happy Birthday to all the handsome Leo's we met ... 3 birthday boys in one night, including a couple who were a day apart in their birthdays (one yesterday, one today).

During one smokey break, around 10pm, I borrowed L.'s phone (mine was MIA) and called home, just to check. Three rings and a "Hello, you've reached 627- ...." Woo hooooo! Never have I been so happy to hear my voice on my own answering machine. The electricity had been restored.

I skipped back into the bar, right past the bouncer who had handcuffs on the back of his belt (a little aggressive for a bouncer, eh?) and ordered a celebratory round of "Chelsea's back" cocktails.

Made it home a little after midnight. Hello Mr. Elevator. Hello Mr. Television. Hello Ms. Vornado. It's good to have you all back.