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Blacked Out with a Blackberry

This is being typed in on my Blackberry, not sure how it'll turn out. (addendum, seems it didn't turn out too well, so I reformatted it on Saturday morning)

Landed at La Guardia yesterday afternoon around 5:45. Pilot told us there was a power outage in the area, so we'd have to wait for a stairway to get wheeled to the plane. And the last 24 hours have been a continuing series of "wait fors".

Ended up on a bus to 72nd and 2nd, then gridlock was unbearable and I hoofed it with my luggage down home to 23rd and 9th. All hail the rollaboard carry-on.

The city was a trippy party last night, never seen so many open containers, not to mention people walking down the streets carrying cocktails in bar glasses and/or stemware. It was like a casual night in the French Quarter, but without the lights.

Been to the office this morning, where nothing was going on, but we had electricity. Larry met me there, 'cause he couldn't get into his work building. Apparently the old ad campaign is wrong; the Citi does in fact sleep if there's no juice. We had a lovley lunch in midtown, with CB as well, and meandered back to Chelsea.

I'm back home now, no power or water. It's very Laura Ingals Wilder, but no cute pa to help out and save the day. Hoping that Mary doesn't go blind and that Nellie Olsen stays out of my way.

Could go back outside and see some more sights, but walking back up to the 9th floor seems daunting. I'd so not have been a good pioneer.

One thing I don't get. They keep saying to conserve power once it comes back on, but all of Times Square has been lit up since 9 this morning. Is that PR "we're alive and well in NYC", bad planning, or just stupid consumption?

Oh, and martinis without ice aren't nearly as tasty. Cheers.