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Ah, the Glorious Sights and Sounds ...

I took the F-train this morning, for a change of pace. Sometimes I decide to walk down 23rd Street rather than across Times Square. Yup, that's me, living on the edge.

When I got on the platform, 4 or 5 people were staring down at a rat trying to wrestle half an English Muffin back to its breakfast nook. Pretty. Please tell Willard that rats are supposed to be on the tracks, not on the platform.

Then we waited 20 minutes for the train. I usually don't take a morning sauna, and if I do it's at the gym without the added accoutrement of work clothes. Forehead dripping, perspiration coming through my shirt sleeves, the train finally arrived and I was able to step into the air-conditioned car. Ahhhh.

Doors close and the music starts. Big band. Really loud. A local artiste has decided to regale us with his trumpet skills, accompanied by the pre-recorded lounge act he's put on his mini-disc player which was plugged into a boombox/amplifier he has cleverly disguised in a carry-on bag. Subway cars have the best acoustics. Really.

We were assaulted with treated to The Lady is a Tramp and New York, New York.

And how was your morning?