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What Did Delaware?

Sat on the balcony tonight for about a half an hour ... watching the clouds over New Jersey be backlit by the most amazing lightning. Saw very few bolts, just lots of flashes which created a light show of gray and white, making the horizon light up in an everchanging 3-D backdrop ... like I was looking through the world's most giant Viewmaster.

The Shore was great this weekend. Found some of those endorphis I was looking for, and got the bonus of getting to know a couple of really good men a little better. Took a long bikeride through all the neighborhoods between Spring Lake and Asbury Park on Saturday, trying to get a feel for the neighborhoods we're thinking of buying a beachhouse in. This morning's 5K was a success ... came in a little under my goal of 30 minutes. After that came some reading and napping on the beach and then much frolicking in the rough surf.

A walk on the beach, and then a sidetrip to Paradise on the way home has led me to believe that once you get off Manhattan, the menfolk aren't as concerned about the fitness thing as those we encounter here at home. I felt downright in shape. And I say that from a place of observation, not of judgement.

All in all, a very restful weekend. The more time I spend with J, the more he becomes my role model ... he's successful beyond belief, and throughout his storybook journey has remained gracious, down to earth and friendly. He's been with H for 34 years now ... almost two decades of those living in different cities, different countries even. Now they have 4 homes in 3 countries, and as they get closer to retirement (one is there, one is not) they are spending more time together. It's such a kind, loving and fun relationship. Larry and I are 23 years behind them, and they so inspire to simply enjoy our moments together. You never know what forks are coming down the road, and it's amazing to look at all the choices we've made that have gotten us this far. Those are both the future and the past, and this is right now and it can all be so good. It's all sort of random, but it's all worked out so very well. So let's just sit back and enjoy the random.

Other random tidbits:
* Zeb Atlas in my mailbox. Thank you Mr. Postman.
* Ran across an old friend this evening. He's out of work (again) and trying to rework a slew of bad luck into something productive and healthy. And he changed his name ... to one that sounds like either soap opera or porn, and with an alternative spelling to boot.
* Alison's a freak, Dana could very well be the anti-Christ, and the Day 5 to Day 25 photo comparison of Jun was genius editing. She needs to get out of the house and go to Weight Watchers.
* SJP plays stoned really well, Charlotte's still annoying and it's delightful to see Ms. Nixon having someithing other to play than sad, overworked, feeling-sorry-for-herself Mommy.
* The kids (ages 12, 6, and 5) go to Disneyland for the first time tomorrow. What a great week for them ... they saw the ocean for the first time yesterday, and tomorow they're off to play with Mickey Mouse. That's nothing but good.
* Getting up early and having a good run first thing in the morning is an excellent way to start the day -- I was focused, had energy and felt great all day. Do I really have to register for a race and go to New Jersey just to do that?

Another busy week beckons, as does an 8am conference call tomorrow.