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Let the Weekend Begin

We’re heading down to the Shore in about an hour to visit with friends, run a race, maybe look at some real estate and hopefully enjoy some nice weather at the beach, although that looks dubious.

I'm exhaustd today. This has been a really busy week (actually 2 weeks), and for all I’ve gotten done, it seems that there’s even more to do that hasn’t been touched. I’m trying to focus on the accomplishments rather than the neverending list of next tasks, but this afternoon Mr. Critic seems a little more vocal than Mr. Job Well Done. I hate when that happens.

I need a smart endorphin rush – a trip to the gym (the what??) or a nice long, slow run would probably do wonders, but it just seems like there’s no time. I know, I know … one has to make the time for such things. Work’s gotten really busy (which is really a good thing, and one I’ve asked for). But each successful conference call and planning meeting yields a seemingly unending list of phone calls to make, fire drills to deal with, memos to write, blah blah blah. It all just makes me want to take a nap. And of course, there are all these very important TiVo’d programs to watch when I get home. Pathetic.

Here endeth the whine.

Speaking of whining, Vanessa Carlton has just got to stop. There's room in the tent for everybody, but if she's going to stay inside, she's not allowed to vocalize.

Saw him yesterday afternoon, sitting in the plaza outside my office building, chatting away on his cell phone. He’s way cuter in person than in the movie. Hello ... when did I become a pedophile?

And speaking of children, a very happy birthday to Matt! I couldn’t be happier that my sister robbed the cradle several years ago. Not only are you an amazing gift to her and an incredible dad to the youngin’s (sigh, babies having babies), you’ve become the brother I never had and, as you know, we all love you very much. I hope you guys have a great time in California. Say hi to Mickey for me (and if Aladdin or Tarzan are extra cute, say hi to them too).

Have a good weekend, everyone.