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Went To By a Garden Party

Today was the Queen's Garden Party. Riding by Buckingham Palace this afternoon, I was treated to a parade of festive hats the likes I have never seen (on real women).

The flight over was very nice. Was in Club class on BA, and the fully reclining seats/beds were great. Nothing I'd want to sleep on every night, but a very comfortable way to schelpp across the pond. The window seats face backwards and there are screens between you and the person on the aisle, so that when you're fully reclined you're not face to face with your seat mate. However, you do get a nice view of your seatmate's butt while he's sleeping and your sitting up enjoying a nice glass of Medoc. Very pleasant indeed.

Meetings went well today and tomorrow's promise to be better. Could be some new, interesting and challenging work ahead. A welcome change.

Had a low key evening at my friend Ben's flat with a gorgeous woman he used to do PR work with. Now she's teaching English in Barcelona and dating a hot French rugby player -- there's a smart career change to add to the list of options. Much Pimm's, some wine on top of that and lots of laughs.