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When We Last Left Our Heroes ...

They were lingering over the end of a perfect week away.

And then the Universe said, "You've had too much fun in the town of Province, I shall thwart you."

A seemingly epic battle ensued ... passports went missing, mad dashes back to the Cape were made, London was almost called off, stress flowed like those billowy garments bears wear at home when no one's watching. In the end, our fairy godmother prevailed, waved her wand and produced Mr. Mint, a delightful and charming passport expediter. *Poof* 4 hours later, a magical new document was produced. All hail Capitalism. We may travel freely again.

Now mama's gotta jump a jet.

Thwart me, will you. Fie!

Too busy to blog the whole thing ... but maybe British Airways business class has online access. Or perhaps I should try to get some dang rest ... this diet of adrenaline and nictotine has taken 5 quick pounds right off me.