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I'm sure this doesn't apply

I'm sure this doesn't apply to you, because anybody who reads this is probably a considerate and reasonably tidy person. However, is it so hard for those who lift freeweights at the gym to put the plates back in some semblance of a grouping? I realize I have my Virgo tendencies and like things in nice orderly piles (although those who see my desk may beg to differ), but I don't think one would be bordering on OCD if one were to hang similar plates together on one rack. It's really not a Mensa test.

Also, gentlemen (as I have yet to go into a the ladies' shower at NYSC), if you remove a BAND-AIDŽ brand adhesive bandage (or any generic version thereof) while in the shower, don't leave it on the rack of body wash/shampoo/conditioner. What kind of foul frickin' pig would do that?

Other than that, it was a lovely workout. Thanks for asking.