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Back home after jaunts to

Back home after jaunts to Atlanta (meetings for work and libations for fun) and Ptown (pre-rental season tidying up, more libations, lots of sleep and a pair of movies).

Once again I come home from the Cape with the realization that our little condo called Cape Fear is truly a sanctuary to me. We're heading back for a full week in mid-July. Hopefully the weather will treat us a little more kindly. But if not, it's still sanctuary. And now it has snazzy new Martha Stewart patio furniture.

Some highlights since the last post ...

Saturday was 11 years to the day since I met Larry. Wow. A decade plus one. Who'd have thunk? We celebrate our anniversary next weekend (yes sir, we took our time), but it was 11 years ago that the cute Canadian first walked up my stairs, drank several glasses of draft beer, watched us get sentimental over Once On This Island and decided this was a dysfunctional boy he should get to know better. Hooray.

Had many laughs with Phil and Andrew on Thursday night. We don't know where the group of kids came from that were hanging out at Willy's, but wherever it was, apparently the one girl found the only feminine napkin belt left in creation. "Maybe it's vintage." Sweetie, if you're going to wear low-riders (ill-fitting as they were) and a midriff top AND have a maroon thong on for underwear, rethink your time-of-the-month accoutrement. I'm not one to judge, but ..... ick. And I checked with a real girl (my lovely sister) on this one. It's just not proper. Also not proper is having a bartender ask you do show your, um, "bead getter" (as we'd say in N'awlins), just to get a round of drinks. Being reared raised a gentleman, I did not honor his request ... right away. Fortunately I had the Elph in my pocket and the men's room wasn't too far a walk. Win win.

Skippy's voicemail on Phil's phone: "I'm drunk, I'm fat and I'm looking for a Taco Bell ... in Fort Lauderdale." It could be a new mantra, just change the city as appropriate. That and "She's fucked, I'm ready and the show must go on."

That last quote's from Camp, which we saw at the Ptown Film Festival. When it comes to a theater near you, PLEASE GO SEE IT. It's sweet and funny and smart and a little sappy and just everything that a movie about freaky kids who go to a musical theater summer camp should be. Todd Graff is one of my new heroes ... as are the kids who got cast in the film. It's a beauty.

Also saw Party Monster. A beauty as well? Not so much. I'm not saying it was painful, but some anesthesia wouldn't have been such a bad thing. Poor Macauly Caulkin ... he should spend the summer at Camp Ovation and take some acting lessons. Costumes and make up were fun. Seth Greene's a hoot. Moral of the story -- heroin is bad. Read the book instead. I started it awhile back and remember laughing. Denishoi assures me the written version is time better spent.

Speaking of books, I read a bunch over the past few days. Finished Dogs of Babel on the plane down south. The first few chapters were pedigree, and then she went to the pound and came up with a collections of mutts, all tied nicely into a faux-literary puzzle. A mediocre, quick beach read; especially if you don't have cable at the beach to turn on Lifetime. All that hype. Hmph.

Sheared through Running With Scissors, which I liked very much. I guess my family isn't so fucked up after all.

Poured my way through Dry on the ferry and the plane today. I'm finding the writing just as enjoyable, if not a little more believable than RWS and all the more poignant. I think I might be getting a crush on Mr. Burroughs, like I did a long time ago with Mr. Chabon when I read first read his Mysteries and as I do whenever I pick up something by Mr. Cunningham.

Haven't heard much about the trapeze situation. The alledged trip to Brussels has turned into a phone call and I'm waiting (im)patiently to hear about the other opportunity. They knew I was out of town till tomorrow, so ... fingers crossed. It's really out of my control, so what's the use in obsessively worrying and biting my nails and smoking and thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't get the job now that I want it.

I've been doing a lot of 3-part yoga breathing.

Young Master Potter and his friends were waiting for me when I got home, as were Carrie and the girls. So it's off to TiVo'd SATC, then get some sleep. Looking forward to reacquainting myself with the Hogwart's hoopla later in the week. As the Diva said, "You know, it's nice to see the kids again."