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Just when I thought I

Just when I thought I knew what I was going to do, I get a voicemail this afternoon from the STBEB, and it seems my presence has been requested in Brussels in the next week or so to talk about internal/global opportunities.

Yes, circus fans, a new and unexpected trapeze has been lowered into the tent.

Okay then. Went and had a lovely 90-minute massage, came home, got packed (not a euphamism) and then sauntered off to Elmo for a couple kicky cocktails with Connie. Now it's time for sleep and then a tony little plane ride down to the streets of peaches. All fingers crossed for the upgrade.

A day and a half in Atlanta and then Ptown for the weekend.

Haven't heard from the folks I spoke with yesterday (Tuesday) yet.

Stay tuned. This is nuts.