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While some folk might think

While some folk might think yesterday a complete waste of a day, I found it totally relaxing and entertaining. The good people at TV Land decided to run a "Witch Weekend" special ... 2 days of non-stop Bewitched. The weather was rainy (shocking, I know) and Larry brought home some bread, cheese and potato chips from the grocery. We already had Diet Coke. I was pretty much set.

I remember loving that show as a kid, and wishing I had magic powers. I even had a little crush on Samantha. I still sometimes wish I could just twitch my nose make things happen (that kitchen does need a quick tidying up). So I sat down in front of the TV, excited to see some of my old favorites. I do believe it put me under a spell.

Things I learned while spending a good 13 hours at Morning Glory Circle:

1. The Stevens were one of the drinkingest couples in all of TV Land.
2. Endora reads "Harpies" magazine. There isn't much of the "here's what's real in our non-mortal world", but those kind of quick sight gags are great.
3. Serena (played by "Pandora Spocks") is way more brilliant than I remember.
4. Uncle Arthur, who was one of my early favorites, isn't as funny as I remember.
5. Aunt Clara is one of the dearest characters ever created. Even in the third episode, where she was first introduced, she's a bumbling old woman. When Darrin goes in to tell her "no witchcraft" in his house and she's just polishing her doorknobs, not really getting it ... it's just so tender and sweet. Be kind to the aging ... they mean no harm and have nothing but love. That was 1964. A lesson people still need to be reminded of.
6. When not being a drag queen cartoon, Agnes Moorehead's an amazing comic actress. In the episode where she's lost her powers and has to actually lift the coffee pot, whimpering "heavy," she was Edina Monsoon 30 years before Jennifer Saunders did it. Very funny.
7. More on Endora -- in episode 2, where she first meets Derwood, they've costumed her very haute-fashionable (completely different wig, costuming). She's stunning. The whole scene's played without a big camp factor. It was a real scene ... good acting, beliveble conflict, strong tension. It was almost like watching a good "Twilight Zone."
8. The first Gladys Kravitz is funnier than the 2nd. Jackie Hoffman should play her in the movie.