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“Bob’s sure not afraid of

“Bob’s sure not afraid of the vodka, is he?”

Apparently not. It seems, however, that I’ve been growing increasingly wary of the mixer. Therapy was unusually busy for a Thursday evening (memo to self: don’t hold LT7 at a venue where HX sponsors an open bar). So, in a spasm of sisterly generosity, I switched from martinis to Grey Goose on the rocks – purely to make the cute bartender’s life a little easier. Its “five-step distillation process” certainly makes for a clear, crisp beverage – but why does it feel like flock of geese (grey or other-colored) have taken a huge dump in my brain today. Mother Goose either needs a sixth distillation process or I need to explore the next 7 steps.

Also not afraid of the liquor were the two older gentlemen in front of us, bantering with each other as we all waited for our next round of free drinks. They were carrying on like two old school girls and noticed Soc and me laughing at with them. The senior of the two turned to us and laughed, "I used to be young, unattractive and shy. Now I'm old, ugly and sassy!"

Sassy, indeed. Cheers to them both.

So good to see J. out and about last night.The rumors are true, he still lives. There are so few talent agents out there who can a) pull off successful runway while holding a shopping bag, b) name the genus and species of every fish I've seen on a reef and c) go off for days about the unforgiveable sin of manicured eyebrows on boys. Let's have fondue soon.

Had a really sweet visit with V. last night. Hadn’t seen him in a good long while and it was great to reconnect. We used to spend Tuesday nights together in group, where we listened to each other’s deep, dark secrets in the “safe, not-to-leave-this-candle-lit-room” sandlot of emotional volleyball. I don’t miss the therapy, but I do miss the comfort of being able to say whatever you want and having everyone know the layers of backstory that got you to where you are. And I miss the grins that V. and I used to share, both during the process and in the months after we both had left. Don’t know how many lasting friendships or bonds normally last outside of the group therapy setting, but this is one’s definitely a keeper.

In other news, T. went bowling last weekend with a group of friends. In the group was “this really hot guy, well-over 6 feet, amazing body, salt-and-pepper hair.” Turns out he was a porn star.

“Which one?” I asked.

“Colton Ford. Do you know him? I’ve never seen him before.”

“Oh. My. God. You bowled with Colton Ford? Who’d have thought that up?” I was just watching him just the other night in After Shock. Dreamy, if a leathery spit-filled gang bang is your vision of dreamy. I promised to share my DVD with T., so he could see his new friend sliding down a different well-oiled alley.