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A couple more memories from

A couple more memories from the weekend ...

We found two new lovely ladies to channel: Dusty Muffin ("I just need a little Endust to polish up my act, cough cough") and Karen Wo (all packed up with nowhere to go).

Standing near the bar at The Wave, guy walks up to me from the dancefloor ..

Guy: You havin' a good time?
Me: Yup
Guy: 'Cause you look like you're a good time waiting to happen.

Do lines like that really work?

Connie got stalked by Bombay Lil, from the Boatslip to Taco Bell way off the Cape. Girl, run for the border

We listened to this on the long, rainy ride home ... top 500 according to whom?

Larry's off to Toronto for some business meetings. Wondering if I should quarantine him when he comes home.

Okay then, seven days until Vegas and there is much muchness to be done between now and then.