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It was chilly. It was

It was chilly. It was rainy. It was so cloudy and foggy that, at times, you couldn't see the monument. It was a blast.

Memorial Day in Provincetown -- where the lesbians are young and LOUD and filled to the rim with canned beer. It was a lot busier in town than I expected, and everyone made the best of the crappy weather.

Went to a crochet croquet tournament on Sunday and won a lovely pair of pink, heart-shaped sunglasses, complete with a pink fuzzy case that clips on a belt loop. Stylin'. Saw a drag show with at least 6-7 minutes of quality comedy (the season's young and I'm sure she'll get funnier). Saw the fabulous new electric palm trees on the Crown's back patio. Saw lots of old friends, saw lots of new boys I wouldn't mind being friends with. Saw L. getting his groove on to Julian Marsh in one of the best happy-white-boy-dancin' moments ever.

Didn't see enough of the local Cape Tip boys or the visiting Texan, but will rectify that on the next trip up in June.

And here we are, back in reality ....